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Daldeep Kaur


Following her graduation from Liverpool John Moores University, where she studied Media Production, Daldeep worked for Sky, within Sky News and Sky Sports News. After being awarded the JDF Bursary, she is now studying for her MA Sports Journalism at St Mary’s University.

Throughout her undergraduate degree she expressed extreme passion and determination, especially during her work placements. Alongside projects for University, she took every opportunity she got for work, and as a result has worked for a number of different organisations in a short space of time, gaining experience within every field.

As well as having experience in presenting, Daldeep has filmed, edited and created her own website. With a keen interest in football, she has worked for Sky Sports News, LFC TV and Daily Star, whilst appearing on guest podcasts for Anfield Index and contributing image and video for Anfield HQ.

Whilst interning at a non-profit organisation namely Asian Women Mean Business, Daldeep created a campaign #AWMBinspiration where she was able to showcase a different inspirational person on a daily basis for 100 days. AWMB were nominated for a National Diversity Award in 2015.

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