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José Bourbon


José Bourbon was born in Lisbon, Portugal.

He completed his first degree in Social and Cultural Communication at Universidade Católica Portuguesa, in Lisbon.

In the summer of 2015 he had the opportunity to work alongside some of the best journalists in Portugal during an internship at Expresso. He also played a part in the creation of BETup – an entrepreneurship news website that he worked on for six months. José currently writes for Winept, a Portuguese website dedicated to wine, but sports journalism is his main passion, specifically tennis and football.

It goes without saying, José is also a Sporting and Portugal fan.


Stories by José

  • Marina Izidro, correspondent of SporTV in London, talked with Sports Gazette
    After a presentation to the MA in Sports Journalism students of St Mary’s University, Sports Gazette talked with Marina Izidro. A former St Mary’s student, Marina is currently a London correspondente for SporTV, the biggest sports channel in Brazil. Marina talked about many sporting and social issues like the difference in the way of doing journalism between Brazil and England, how difficult is to be a a woman in sports journalism and the growth of woman’s football.
  • The FIFA Under-17 World Cup: players to look out for
    The under-17 FIFA World Cup has just started. Even if usually this type of youth competition doesn't bring a lot of fans to the stadiums, by contrast, agents and scouts see this tournaments as an opportunity to buy potential future stars on the cheap. To make their work easier José Bourbon looks at the tournament with huge promise to fulfil
  • Alvaro Morata: Why losing Diego Costa was not such a big deal
    Before the start of the season, there were widespread doubts around Alvaro Morata’s ability to adequately replace Diego Costa and become a top Premier League striker. The truth is, when we look at Morata’s statistics this season compared to Diego Costa’s in his first six matches of last season, and also those of his main opponents – Sergio Aguero, Romelu Lukaku and Harry Kane – there is no reason to doubt his quality. Sports Gazette take a look about the stats of all five players in the Premier League this season so far.
  • Monaco vs Porto: A replay of 2004 Champions League Final
    More than 13 years after Porto lifted the Champions League trophy, beating Monaco 3-0 in the final, both sides are preparing to face each other again. Sports Gazette takes a look at the teams then and now ahead of their Champions League group stage fixture on Tuesday night.
  • UEFA Nations League: here’s why it’s good news for Players, Managers and Fan
    The Nations League looks to be for European national teams what the Champions League is to European clubs, but what do UEFA expect to bring to international football with this new competition? What are the real changes and consequences that come with it? According to UEFA, it will bring benefits for everyone.
  • UEFA Nations League: all you need to know
    The UEFA Nations League is a new competition officially confirmed by the governing body of European football last Wednesday, 20th September. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about this new tournament.
  • The Price I Paid for Being a Fresher
    My first week in England has been quite calm - at least compared with other 'freshers' - but I couldn’t pass up an invitation I received from Ben, a classmate and fanatic Dortmund fan.