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St Mary's men's volleyball team crowned champions

St Mary's Volleyball team
Published: 9 Dec 2013

Sports Gazette caught up with captain, Ryan Murphy, to discuss the team's securing the BUCS league trophy.

With the team having only been entered into BUCS for the first time this year, Ryan is full of confidence for the rest of the year.

"We have had a good season, we are unbeaten in the league and have got a quarter-final cup match in February. So things are looking promising!!

"The squad only seems to be getting better and better, so really we keep going up and up!

"Considering we are playing teams with mass funding and externally paid coaches, it was such an achievement to win the league and with such good form."

Although St Mary's have sealed the title, it was not plain sailing, with the team having to battle back to win on a few occasions.

"Our hardest game was against University of Essex", said Ryan. "Being 2 sets down we needed to refocus and re-strategise our game! Thankfully we won 3-2."

Where a winning team goes next has been asked about many teams, but Ryan believes the team needs to go to the next level.

"Next we are looking to progress through the cup. For a squad in its first year, any progress is good progress!"

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