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Atlanta Braves legends to Hall of Fame.

Maddux and Glavine to Hall of Fame.
Published: 10 Jan 2014

A brillant career without a doping scandal gave two living legends of the Atlanta Braves, the most valuable price after the World Series, The Hall of Fame.

Former MLB pitchers and Atlanta Braves legends Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine, were elected to the baseball Hall of Fame in their first year of consideration by the chroniclers. Mainly, for their brillant career and for not being involved in the doping MLB scandal. 

Craig Biggio, former second baseman for the Houston Astros, didn't qualify by just two votes and noted stars of the "era of steroids " (Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds ) will again be ignored, and no possibility of any day reach the sacred precinct of professional baseball.

Biggio , got 427 votes and 74.8 percent, which equaled Nellie Fox in 1985 , and Pie Traynor, in 1947 , with the narrowest margin for a player who fell short of the minimum rate required, which is 75 percent .

"I'm disappointed to have been so close ," said Biggio , according to a statement provided by the Astros. "Hopefully next year will be good ."

Frank Thomas , before he was elected said that players like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, the most visible faces of the doping scandals , did not deserve to have a plaque in Cooperstown .

As was expected, Maddux had no problems with being selected in 555 of the 571 ballots that were delivered by members of the Writers Association of America.

He failed the unanimous choice would have been the first player to get or exceeded the highest percentage of votes , since the 97.2 is the eighth highest in the history of the vote.

Glavine , his partner in the rotation of the Atlanta Braves won two Cy Young awards , got 525 votes and 91.9 percent.

If starting pitchers were the first to enter the Hall of Fame when they started their careers after 70s after both achieved over 300 victories as a professional . Dennis Eckersley was a starter for 12 years but was elected in 2004 , primarily for his work as a reliever.

Thomas, a designated hitter for most of his career, received 483 votes and became part of the sacred precinct of professional baseball.

Also twice won the award for Most Valuable Player ( MVP ) and hit 521 homers in his career 19 seasons , in which he spent 16 years with the Chicago White Sox .

The trio will be inducted in Cooperstown on July 27 along with former Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox, who led Maddux and Glavine , Joe Torre and Tony La Russa , selected last month by a committee of experts to the era of expansion.

This is the largest number of new members selected by the writers in turn since Nolan Ryan, George Brett and Robin Yount were elevated in 1999.

That choice had hitherto been the only one in which three players were selected in the first year .

After three elected and Biggio , who stood at the door , followed the ex receptor Mike Piazza, who played with the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets , receiving 62.2 percent. It was a rally regarding his numbers of 57.8 last year.

However, someone lost his last opportunity to enter the Hall of Fame, Jack Morris, got a 61.5 by 78 votes short in his fifteenth and last appearance on the ballot.

The players whose statistics have been tainted by the steroid era still can not take off in the vote, so much so that Clemens and Bonds saw reduced the percentage of support in his second year of having option to be chosen .

Support for Clemens declined from 37.6 to 35.4 , for  Barry Bonds declined from 36.2 to 34.7 , and the Dominican Sammy Sosa fell from 12.5 to 7.2, while, in its eighth year, Mark McGwire fell from 16.9 to 11.0.

Bonds are the home run king of major and winning as many MVP awards in the history of Major League Baseball , with seven , the same happens with the seven Cy Youngs of Clemens , which is a record MLB.

With the considerable declaine on the votes for Clements, Bonds, and McGwire, it is obvious that the MLB and the association have made a clear statement on all players involved on the dopin scandal. The doors to the Hall of Fame are close forever for them. 

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