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The Pat's are back

Tom Brady Photo: Pareja
Published: 12 Jan 2014

Total domination and excellent performance of the New England Patriots against Indianapolis Colts.

There was a not a spectacular return or miracle for the Indianapolis Colts this time. 

With serious errors from Andrew Luck, who was intercepted four times, Indianapolis Colst lost the divisional game against the New England Patriots not spared in the TD to win 43-22 , and reach the final of the AFC.

In the first series of the Colts , Andrew Luck was intercepted by Alfonzo Dennard , who got the ball to the one. One play later, LeGarrette Blount scored rushing to open the scoring , which was completed with an extra point 7-0 .

Colts received the ball after scoring Patriots , but delivered in four plays after great pressure from the local defense.

Tom Brady took over the Pats , and good offensive series led the team to the end zone , where a run of five yards, Blount scored again to expand the score 14-0 .

LeGarrette Blount was the figure of the Patriots to score four TD's and ran for 166 yards .

It was little protection for Luck and the Colts managed to close on the end of the first quarter with a 35-yard pass to LaVon and annotation, when there were 4 minutes left.

Entering the second quarter, Brady turned to take his offensive red zone, with short passes that moved the chains to finish in third touchdown Pats , and the third of the night to Blount ( 21-7 ) .

The Colts would respond with great offensive series , however , failed to finish in scoring and had to settle for 3 points to leave the score 10-21.

However, their defense they finally managed to stop Brady and company , blocked the punt and got a safety, making the score 12-21 .

The first half ended with no movement on the scoreboard.

For the second half, the Pats turned the ball over on four plays ; Luck Near TD carried his team , but only took 3 points, they sent again a great opportunity to reduce the score ( 15-21) .

Stevan Ridley completed three-yard run , after another major offensive series of Brady, and the two-point conversion increased the score 29-15 .

Luck responded with two long passes over 40 yards; LaVon Brazill caught the second one and so to bring TD Colts. Thus end the third quarter.

At the start of the fourth quarter , he again turned to look figure LeGarrette Blount , who 's 73 -yard scoring escaped making the score 35-22 .

It would be the beginning of the end for the Colts , who after taking the offensive series , Andrew Luck was again intercepted and did not spare the Pats for two-yard run with Ridley , leaving the score 43-22 .

There was no time for more, and with LeGarrette Blount as the great figure for the Patriots to score four TDs, and run for 166 yards.

 New England will play the final of the AFC, waiting to meet his rival out of the game between Denver and San Diego. 

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