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Unlucky Simms lose Varsity women's basketball game

Simms team in action © Lara Seychell
Published: 26 Mar 2014

An unlucky St Mary’s women’s basketball team lost the Varsity game against Brunel with the final score being 44-33.

The Sports Hall was packed with students to witness the match, as from each side of the touchline, people were cheering both teams with the typical university chants.

The St Mary’s team started out well and played some good passes, but Brunel quickly took control and by the end of the first quarter, the away team was already 15-6 up.

The second quarter started out well for the Simmies as they managed to score a number of free throws to close the gap with Brunel. Halfway through the second period, St Mary’s were down 10-18.

However, by the end of the second quarter, Brunel were still in the lead and increased their score against St Mary’s with the points being 11-22.

The third quarter saw Brunel’s domination increase as the team started scoring from free throws, and earned a couple of three point field goals. As a result, the third quarter ended with Brunel having a 38-28 lead.

In the final fourth quarter, the Simmies showed more potential and at times were also pushing and closing in for the win. The home team made a couple of blocked shots, while they were unlucky with a number of three-pointers.

The final score of the match was 44-33 for Brunel, which meant that St Mary’s were beaten at home.

However, this loss did not inflict on the final result, as St Mary’s still managed to secure the 2014 West London Varsity.

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