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Fulwell To Name First Female Vice Captain

Photo: Will Medlock
Published: 2 May 2015

The manager of Fulwell Golf Club has confirmed the announcement of the club's first female vice captain.

Sean Whelan, who is also the club secretary, confirmed that the vice captaincy would be announced on December 13th.

Club members were made aware that Carol Stokes would be appointed to the role, but Whelan has not ruled out the possibility of future dissent.

“It’s open knowledge within the club,” Whelan said.

“The thing is the vice captain will become captain unless someone opposes it.”

Stokes will replace current vice-captain Tony Metcalfe, who will in turn become the new club captain.

There are still too many male only golf clubs in Britain

 Fulwell have never had a female club captain in their 111 year history and Whelan concedes that this issue could become a contentious one.

“The club had a reputation for being one of these typical old-school golf clubs,” he said.

“And of course we have existing members who want it to remain that way so that’s probably the biggest challenge.”

Whelan pointed to some of the more national issues concerning women and golf, citing the changes made at the home of the major tournament The Masters.

“They changed recently at Augusta (National Golf Club, Georgia). There are still too many male only golf clubs in Britain.” he added.

“As we speak, some of them are still on the Open list, and that can’t be right.”

Whelan’s comments come just two weeks after the Professional Golf Association of American sacked their President, Ted Bishop, for sexist remarks.

Bishop accused golfer Ian Poulter of being a “lil girl” for comments he made about six-time major champion Nick Faldo.

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