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Team Aidan's 'run to Dublin' raises almost £900

Published: 28 Sep 2016

St. Mary’s students and staff ran a total of 472 miles, or 1900 laps, and raised a total of £881.61 in support of student Aidan Doherty.

The run has helped raise money for Blood Cancer Awareness and was part of a charity project organised by the SU and Aidan himself, who was diagnosed with Leukaemia last summer.

“The idea was to run from the St.Mary's campus to Aidan's house in Dublin,” said Sam Cliffe, the Students' Union's Sports and Societies vice-president and a friend of Aidan, “That is 340 miles, around 1400 laps. It is amazing to see that we have absolutely smashed that target.”

Everyone running made a donation of their choice to support Team Aidan.

It is just so inspiring to see how Aidan is dealing with his situation

Aidan was diagnosed with his illness in July. Instead of “crying over spilled milk” he decided to “fundraise like mad” and try to help people in situations like his.

With various events and fundraisers he is aiming to raise £10,000 for blood cancer charity organisations CLIC Sargent and CanTeen Ireland. Aidan, with the help of fellow students at the SU, has already raised over £2500.

The first fundraiser was an immense success. Sam estimates 350 students and staff members joined Team Aidan and ran laps.

The sports clubs and societies made up for a big part of the grand total. “There were so many people wanting get involved, the Rugby Society came with 90 people,” Sam said. 

The Students' Union will be organising events throughout the year to support Team Aidan.

“It is just so inspiring to see how Aidan is dealing with his situation,” said student Tim Rodgers, who personally ran 90 laps, “Last year he was involved in so many of the university’s activities, and even if he can’t physically be here (Aidan is currently in Dublin after intensive chemotherapy), he is still involved in everything we do.”

You can follow Aiden and help raise money for his cause on these websites:

Just Giving Page:

CLIC Sargent:

CanTeen Ireland:

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