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England training benefits Indian player while his team exits Bradford League

Ian Chauhan played twelve matches for Saltaire in the Bradford Premier League 2015 season.
Published: 21 Nov 2016

Jammu’s Ian Chauhan spoke to Sports Gazette after Saltaire CC resigned from the Bradford League.

Saltaire have resigned from the Bradford League after being a part of the League for 111 years and will be joining the Aire-Wharfe League’s Division Three in 2017.

Jammu's part-time wicket-keeper Ian Chauhan played for the Saltaire Cricket Club from June 2015 to September 2015.

Saltaire approached Chauhan through Cric Global as Saltaire were facing injury issues. Chauhan was a late inclusion in the team as he replaced another budding player.

Recalling his experience with Saltaire, 27 year old Chauhan says, “The people are generous. The hospitality was very good. They take care of the people they invite to play in their country which is similar to India. They made me feel like I was at home.

“The Chairman of the Club [Saltaire] used to set up the nets for me. In India, you would never see this. The groundsman would set it up for you.

"People are very professional in England. If they find someone productive, they take care of them and support them. They are broad- minded people.”

Chauhan, a graduate in Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology, thinks training in England has changed his game for the better. He said: “I started performing better. The ball swings a lot in England so I started hitting [the ball] late.

"Saltaire provided me with extra bowling machine sessions. When I started playing in England, initially I had hiccups. I started interacting with players. Now I have started scoring more runs.”

The former Kings XI Punjab player goes on to say that the training has helped him build his character along with his cricketing skills. “It is quite different from India. The conditions in England are cold. I was playing for a new club and with new people. So initially I used to feel lonely.

"But overall it was a good experience for personality development. Your behaviour becomes better and character develops. I learnt new techniques as well.”

The India-A batsman believes India should adopt the club cricket culture from England. He says, “The first class cricket in India is similar to England. The club cricket is better in England.

"In England, they pay players even at the club level. That is missing in India and probably this is one thing that can be adopted in India. The players here show a lot of intensity while playing the game even though most of them are working elsewhere.

“Here most of the club level games are played on weekends. So you get to see more crowds. People get their children with them, sit on the grass, have snacks. It is like an outing,” Chauhan told Sports Gazette.

When asked if he would return to England to play club cricket again, he said, “Now I want to go one step ahead. If I get a chance to play county cricket in England, I would love to take the opportunity.

"I never imagined I would reach here. But now my ultimate goal is to play for my country, India.”

Chauhan scored a century (129*) in round seven of the Ranji Trophy on Thursday.  

The Ranji Trophy is India's most prestigious domestic multiple day competition and performances of players in this tournament play a crucial role in national selection. 

                             Mat  Runs   HS    Ave     SR    100  50  Ct  St Wkts
First-class              61    3960   170   40.00   53.18  13  17   46  0    2
List A                    46    1168    112   27.80   67.98    2    7   14  2    2
Twenty20              33      583    75*  19.43    91.66    0    2   14  0    1
Bradford League  12      285    84     25.91                              6      19 

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