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St. Mary's student dreams of the Winter Olympics

Team GB at the World Junior Championships
Published: 23 Feb 2017

Strength-and-conditioning student Ryan Letts, 20, talked about his first season in a bobsleigh, breaking into the sport and his dream to become an Olympian.

 Ryan has a background in bodybuilding and rugby which put him ahead meeting the physical demands to get into bobsleighing. 

"It was a spur of the moment, really. I went to the trials, did really well, and then I went to my first training camp in October to Germany," he said. 

My ultimate goal is to make the February 2022 Olympics

 After rolling into the sport Ryan immediately got selected for junior bobsleighing competitions such as  the Europa Cup and the World Junior Championships.

Talking about his ultimate sportive goals, he expressed his dream to compete in the Winter Olympics.

He said: “I only just started, so there's less chance of me making the 2018 Olympics squad in February, but my ultimate goal is to make February 2022."

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