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British Baseball: From the grassroots to the Major Leagues

The Richmond Dragons do battle in Britain's AA Division
Published: 9 Jun 2017

As Major League Baseball looks set to ramp up its investment in the UK market, the Sports Gazette paid a visit to Richmond Baseball Club to see how the game operates at the grassroots level.

With their recent announcement of an official event in Hyde Park starring former greats of the game, MLB signalled a significant step into the UK market that had previously eluded them.

Hoping, perhaps, to follow in the footsteps of the NFL which has seen an extraordinary increase in popularity in recent years, the ‘Battlegrounds’ event will be a fascinating case study for the sport.

To find out more, we decided to produce a short video filmed down at Richmond Baseball club to analyse how the sport has grown at grassroots level over the past several years.

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