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Robertson says Allen going for Balotelli Headlines

Neil Robertson bgc Masters Snooker
Published: 21 Jan 2012

As the Australian passes through to the semi final of the bgc Masters after a comfortable win against Mark Williams, Sports Gazette talk to him about Mark Allen’s slow play comments and his view on the Matchup against snookers new wonder-kid Judd Trump.

Throughout your match with Mark Williams, you looked like you were struggling with the tip of your cue?

Yeah I picked up a bit of a hamstring injury; I’ll have to have the doctor look at that. I just tried to get through the match. It was fraying up all over the place, playing shots with bits overhanging, I’m just glad to be through. I’ll have to take it off tonight and play a new one in.

Usually it takes me four or five days to get used to a tip, it’s the worst possible thing that could happen. Playing on the TV cloths is going to be very, very difficult. All I can do is go out and see what happens.

This win now sets up the match a lot of people want to see with you taking on Judd Trump in the semi final. He’s suggested you’re a bit of a slow player recently, is he just trying to wind you up?

I really don’t know why he said that, it’s quite strange. I’m definitely not a slow player. I’d love to see my shot time when I played Mark Allen and was in the balls.

My match against Judd in the UK, the first session was fine but the second session I was struggling a bit in the match so what else am I going to do. I’m not just going to make it an open affair, because I’ll probably get beat. I just tried to be a bit more cautious but I still made breaks and still got back into the match so it worked but I just wasn’t good enough to take him

Judd’s got the better of you in the World and UK Championships in your previous two meetings, how does this make you feel going into the match tomorrow?

Judd is full of confidence and he’s going to take some stopping. He’s beaten Ronnie and he’s really scaring his opponents.
Hopefully this tournament can start me with a new run of major tournament wins. If I’m efficient in the match and I take my opportunities, then I’ll win

You mentioned Mark Allen there; he’s also been vocal in the press recently

He got a lot of fans abusing him on twitter and he was biting. He’s just playing fun and games, trying to get the Balotelli headlines. He’s got a bit of work to be the next Mario.

The Thunder from Down Under Neil Robertson, 29, takes on Bristolian Naughty Boy Judd Trump, 22, at 1 o clock, 21st January

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