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Best Tweets from West London Varsity 2017

Published: 30 Mar 2017

For people following online, it was a stressful day!

For those who couldn't be at every game yesterday, it meant following the day via Social Media, and Twitter was on fine form all day.

An early big win for St Mary's came in the Women's Futsal, here are a couple of the 19 goals they put past Brunel!

They just couldn't stop scoring!

There was incredible support from both sets of supporters all day, here are some clips of support from both sides!

It was definitely Brunel's day in the tennis, St Mary's were not at the races in the slightest, and here one teammate gets an absolute roasting from another.

With no draws possible at West London Varsity, Men's Hockey went to penalties and St Mary's came out on top!

As well as a futsal win, there was a fantastic 5-1 win for the ladies football first team, a fantastic interview too!

In a pivotal moment, Brunel took a narrow win in Cheerleading, and the team were definitely happy about it!

Nail Biting! It all came down to the final four matches, and it was pretty tense stuff all round!

The moment it was won. It all came down to the match between the men's football 1st teams. Brunel edged a tough game 2-1, and it was celebration time for Brunel!

What a moment. After winning the 2017 West London Varsity, it was time to celebrate for Brunel Student's President Alireza Milani.

While it may have been party time for Brunel, it was tough to take for St Mary's who had lead going into the final games.

We do think this Tweet best sums up the day though:

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